Thursday, 25 July 2013

Verzi-Quotes I

Do not bother human                                                                
                     -Tina quote-

Take that tightly sealed treasure chest ...
thats locked away your dreams, hopes...
love,and with all your conviction, smash it open !!
                                                               -Anime Fairy tail quote-

Martial arts were originally created by weaker people that they stood a chance against stronger opponents.
                                                                         -Anime history strongest disciple kenichi quote-

The most important point is awareness
everything is self, self is everything.
that is awareness.
a smal view, a small angle.
a small consciousness cannot see
the bigger your opponent is, the
more smaller things will not be able
to understand that difference in size.
Simply distance yourself, once you have
distanced yourself, youll realize that
the big things are merely a part of
something even bigger.
everything is self.
then the ladybug and the swallow
that just ate it are both part of you.
Remember this well, you are shard of
you are a shard of the world.
And the world is also a shard of yourself.
KI does nothing but pass through your body.
Become a flying dragon and run in the
become a black dragon and shake the
This is what your "self" will decide.
you too.
                                     -Anime Tenjou tenge quote-                                       
˝Fear is not evil.
It tells you what your
weakness is. And
once you now
your weakness,
you can become
stronger as well as
                                     - Gildarts -

"Friends or foes?
Thats something
you'll have to decide
on your own!"
                                     - Luffy - -

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