Saturday, 26 October 2013

Verzi-Quotes II

There is no way my soul will brake just by this                                                                
                     - Sakata Gintoki-

Your are 100 years too early to defeat me, little girl !!                                                                

Once a Samurai decides to protect something, he protects it to the very end                                                                
                     -Shimura Shinpachi-

I may be a thief, but I only steal hearts.                                                                
                     -Kondo Isao-

(About Hijikata) He is always been like that. Without any warning, he appears and ... Takes away with him all the persons who are dear to me ... Thats why I hate him. Thats why I want to kill him                                                                
                     -Okita Sougo-

1 comment:

  1. why do you want to join in?
    beacuse of love or beacuse you hate someone ?
    if you hate thats your problem, i will love it or try understand -
    if beacuse of love i welcome it !

    only few will understand this and im one of it afterall i wrote it :)

    what you hate i love and yet i hate too ?

    revenge is never good but to protect yourself and your loved ones you must fight , I know i would :) and I do and will >:)

    those who use this are the worst creap could exist on galaxy