Monday, 25 November 2013

Verzi - Quotes III

If you don't like something either change it - or change your attitude. The choice is yours!                                                                
                     -Pug -

Don't look back. If you got something to do, then only look forward."!                                                                
                     - Tsubasa Chronicle -

"I'm going to be the world's greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous...... but it's gonna shake the world!!!"."!                                                                
                     - One Piece -

"No matter what happens, I'll keep on moving. Until this life runs out of me, I'll keep on walking"!                                                                
                     - D. Gray-Man -

"My pawn... My bishop... My rook... My Knight... And even my queen was taken from me. But it's too early... for checkmate.""!                                                                
                     - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Roy Mustang -

"Stop Whining! All I did was cut off your stupid legs! Summon your demons! Transform yourself! Regenerate your legs! Stand up! Pick up your gun and attack me! Do something! The night is still so young, and the real fun is yet to start! Hurry, hurry, hurry, HURRY!!!""!                                                                
                     - Hellsing ,Alucard -

Once an idiot, always an idiot.!!!""!                                                                
                     - Eyeshield 21 -

Some people have such a talent for making the best of a bad situation that they go around creating bad situations so they can make the best of them.                                                                
                     Jean Kerr -

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